Social Media might be the best way to communicate and engage your audience through creative messaging. 


Social Media might be the best way to communicate and engage your audience through creative messaging.  To be an awesome community manager you must be able to really dig into a brand’s market and find out how to engage with your audience in a clear and direct way.  As easy as it may seem, Social Media is a very in-depth and strategic field.  A community manager must not only know the industry like the back of their hand but continuously stay creative enough to beat out the competition with crushing analytics that drive traffic where it needs to go to complete the ultimate task of why you have a Social Media presence to begin with.

Many people ask, “How are you able to engage an audience like you do?” so I began to think about how I do it, and some important words, thoughts and questions that inspire me everyday when I start working.  Think of this blog post as my Social Media get-started checklist…. I begin by jotting down some words that guide me in content development. Below are a list of the specific words (and some associated questions) that inspire me:


  • Are you setting the mood for yourself through music to help you relax and get into gear to create this content?
  • Are you focusing on the NEW information that should be pushed out and/or OLD information in a new unique way?
  • Are you understanding the analytics (i.e. which days create the most engagement)?
  • Are you LOVING what you’re about to create? If you have to question this… re-think your content.  Others will likely feel the same way you do.


  • Will your content be shared? Are you thinking outside of the box about your content?
  • Are you just following people that you “assume” are interested in your content or are you using third party platforms like to help you narrow down your audience? Are your Facebook Ads too general for the information that you provide once they enter your social networks?
  • Is your information UNIQUE or INTRIGUING? Share recent events as they come through your Google Alerts (if you don’t have Google Alerts, sign up NOW!)
  • Are you Educating your audience? You will in-return educate yourself even more! You are now learning what TO DO and what NOT TO DO.
  • BLOG BLOG BLOG…. Any blog attached to a website will increase traffic to your site. Are you taking advantage of key words and possibilities this information can provide to your site?


  • Are you emotionally connecting with your audience through the content you are posting? Culture, Expression and Art should be thought about before you post anything.
  • Do you really LIKE this content or are you just biased to your own ideas?
  • The worst mistake you can make is publishing content you could regret by getting negative feedback. Are you being careful to be respectful of those who may be looking at your content?
  • Pride is what fills our life with happiness. Are you taking a few extra minutes to make sure you are producing a GREAT post?

Now it is your turn! Jot down some inspirational words and thoughts to guide you in your own social media content development efforts, then make questions for each of them.  Refer to them daily as your guide and update them regularly. Social media is ever changing and your content should be too.  These little inspirations can help turn average social media publishing into AWESOME social media results.