You may not realize it, but content is your product. Effective content builds trust with your audience, and gets you several steps closer to winning new customers.


We are big sticklers on helping our clients create effective communication through their content.

Wanting to be social and actually being social are two very different things. Looking at current social media efforts it is easy to see where businesses are stumbling:

  • Their content reads like a bulletin board with focus only on their product or service
  • Helpful content a potential customer can use or share is absent
  • There is little to no response to the questions and comments people have
  • Advertising disguised as content is being published on several channels simultaneously

Many businesses are guilty of the above mentioned practices. They try to market and push their products through social media, and they fail.

So how does one communicate effectively using social media channels, and why is content so important?

You may not realize it, but content is your product.

Effective content should build a connection with your audience so they can get to know you, like you, and establish trust. Promoting yourself on Twitter or Facebook doesn’t do this.  Consumers want value not only from your products and services, but also from the content you provide.

If there is no value, they will ignore you. If someone comes across your blog, and they like your content, AND your content helps them, AND your content connects with them on a emotional level (yes this is important), then you are several steps closer to winning a new customer.

Not convinced? Let’s hear from some other people then.

Below is a collection of interviews from marketing, branding, web, PR, and social media professionals who shared their take on content marketing and social media. Topics include how to leverage content effectively, creating social media communications that work, the growing pains businesses can expect when it comes to content, and how we as consumers interact with brands. There are some great nuggets of wisdom you can take away from these interviews.

A big thank you to Becky McCray, Bob Knorpp, Heather Whaling, Scott Monty, and Joe Pulizzi for their time and insight. We’ll be continuing our series of interviews throughout 2012 so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.