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It’s not scientifically proven, but our research has shown that as the Greater Detroit area continues to draw top creative and digital talent, there’s been a directly proportional uptick in the number of places for that same talent to grab a bite to eat after work.  After all, Motor City’s best and brightest need somewhere to refuel before minting their next great idea. Luckily for all of us geniuses, there is a plethora of options–a luxury that geniuses in other towns (cough–New York–cough) may have long ago forgotten.


Let’s be honest, Southfield is one huge office park–and come rush hour, it’s a mad dash to anywhere but here. Still, if you’re on the look out for lunchtime eats, Bigalora Wood Fired Cucina is a good bet–with pizza slices that are thin, but not so thin that they leave your stomach grumbling. Or if you’ve got shawarmas on the mind, CK’s Mediterranean Grille should be on your list.

Royal Oak

Head east from Southfield across Eleven Mile Road, cross Woodward Avenue, and you’ll end up in Royal Oak. It’s not exactly the epicenter of fine dining, but RO’s Main Street is home to some great pubs–one of them being Bastone Brewery. Should you stop in there for a stout, get an order of the pretzel bites too–just for the dipping sauce. If you want something more substantial, by all means, race over to Vinsetta Garage. Their mac’n’cheese is well-worth the wait.

Photo: Public House on Facebook


Further down Woodward Avenue and west on Nine Mile Road is Public House. There are days when you’ll be in a burger-munching mood, but not a Big Mac-munching mood. You might be feeling a little adventurous. On those days, Public House is where you would go–with sliders that range from traditional to inventive–the swordfish and lentil burgers are not-to-miss. Don’t discount their appetizers either–the fried green onions provide the perfect nosh after a long work-day.


Detroit’s a boon for foodies and beer aficionados alike, but there are charms to mainstay Bronx Bar. This crowd-pleaser not only offers up a plump, tasty 1/2-pounder on a toasted roll with whatever’s on draft, but the charms of downtown dining that you can’t get out in the suburbs.

Photo: Zingerman’s on Facebook

Ann Arbor

We’re assuming you’re not attempting to hit up all of these  restaurants in a single visit. In which event, if you head way, way, way west of Metro Detroit, you’ll be in Wolverine country: Ann Arbor, Michigan. This town in itself can provide days’ of delicious eats, but on the top of your list should be Zingerman’s. Sure, order off the menu, although we’ve been told that if you ask for their tasty matzo ball soup, they may oblige.